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high calorie

170415 Chronicle

Togaki House was really high calorie, like what they said themselves.

Personal highlights:

- Ryo and Kura doing the introduction at the beginning. Their unnatural wide smile and soft voice lol.

- Yamazaki Ikusaburo. I have mixed feeling about him, but I cannot deny that I like it when he guests in shows I watch. I mean, look at the way he stands and moves. Perfection.

- Kura getting startled when Suba suddenly shouted.

- The part about Kura doing the Egashira 2:50 headstand but it did not make the final cut.

- Ryo + maegami = perfection

- Maru's unnatural smile following the togaki instruction

- Maru's "american joke"

- Maru looking fluffy.

170414 Sanma no Bangumi Koujou Iinkai

If it is not obvious already I love it when Maru sucks in his lower lip. It is like a cue to take a screenshot.

170329 & 170405 Janiben

I also love that Maru loves the camera.

Also, I like the new Janiben so far. I just hope they do not start wearing heavily patterned suits like in KanJam.