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2017-05-02 09:57 pm


Tamaki played this horrible, horrible Yashiro.

Horrible, attractive, sexy man.

He was good at it. I actually felt like slapping Yashiro in the face a few times.
(This is not the kind of feeling I usually, if ever, associate with Tamaki so that was new lol)

And yet my heart still broke a little when he cried near the end. I was not expecting him to cry.

Seeing him cry made me wonder if he actually really felt "hurt" in those few times when he made the hurt faces saying Ohba had "misunderstood" him. I was so sure that he was just faking it. And he had to cry there at the end and now I am not so sure anymore.

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2017-04-30 01:18 am


I was just watching random Dragon Ball clips and considering to re-read the manga this morning, and then this came along.

/jaw drops

You cannot be real.

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2017-04-30 12:29 am
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Perfectly describes this episode lol.

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2017-04-27 10:16 pm

Wet, wet, wet

YES. I approve of Jun's visual for this movie. And the glasses. YES.

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2017-04-25 09:44 pm
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I'll be there for you, you, you, you, for you

170420 VSA

- Nino was so pretty

- Favorite "I'll be there" costume so far

- Oguri Shun was amazing!

- Sho and Jun need a haircut

- Jun's *coughs* heavy breathing *coughs*

- Oguri Shun was unbelievably amazing!!!

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2017-04-24 06:47 pm

high calorie

170415 Chronicle

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170414 Sanma no Bangumi Koujou Iinkai

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170329 & 170405 Janiben

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2017-04-24 12:11 am
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Spent most of today listening to and watching Takahashi Yu.
So much that I cannot remember what I did before that.
So much that I will not be surprised to see him in my sleep today.